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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Blogoversary Simran

We always remember the first things in our first day of the school or college....first writing, first mobile, getting top marks for first time, first surprise party or gift, etc..etc....

well I don't remember when i got to know my sweet little friend simran...when we first talked....when we first laugh with each other, agreed with each other, having different views on something...because being with her is always something new experience...every time she amazes me with her cheering personality, matured views and new way to express her feelings....

I first read her blog....and wondering how she think such mature.....she introduced me to new world.....(though i was blogging with another id of mine...where i write only for me and few readers of mines....and already eventually stopped posting)....she encourages me to write again....start sharing my writing again...Start a new blog......and i did...

then slowly she take me to another world.... and i met lots of bloggers.... where we all share, care and discuss many precious things about life, soul, social and ourselves... thanks to simran... I found to many friendship bonds... with Alpana Di, Mohini, Sancheeta, Melissa, Harshal, Monu and many more.....Not only to her blogger friends but she really get me somewhere connected with her Granny's poems... there are lots of ways she and her blog... "My Friendship" have impact on me and my personality....I adore her....I love her.....
On her Blogoversary... I want to say some lines about her and her blog...(I know most of you people who know her agreed with me at some points)

Happy Blog Anniversary My sweet Little Simran

कुछ ख़ास है....सबके दिल के बहुत पास है
कुछ ऐसा रिश्ता है दिलों से इस ब्लॉग का
कि सबकी भावनाओ की भुझाता यह प्यास है

हर पोस्ट लगे अपना सा....हर शब्द लगे अपने से
सबकी सपनो की तलाश पूरी होती बस आपको पढ़ते ही
नींद की ज़रुरत अब किसे यहाँ हर भाव लगे सपने से

हर बार नया कुछ.....थोडा नहीं है बहुत कुछ
जो पढ़े तुम्हे कोई भी फिर कहीं और न जाता है
बिन तारीफ किये फिर वो न जाता असर ऐसा कुछ

कई नए दोस्त बने....दो नदियों के पुल तुम बने
जोड़ा कितने भटकों को एक दुसरे से तुमने
तुमसे ही शुरू और ख़त्म नए किस्से कहानियां बने

जो तुमसे जुड़ जाता है....लिखनी का कायल हो जाता है
हाँ तुम छोटी हो पर इस उम्र में भी क्या गज़ब लिखती हो
गहरी सोच और सपनो की उड़ान देख हर शख्स दंग रह जाता है

रिश्ते, प्यार, दोस्ती,....और देर सारी मस्ती
ज़िन्दगी के कई रूप बताती जीने का मतलब समझाती
तजुर्बे, सीख, हास्य, प्यार, आशीर्वाद दादी माँ सी हस्ती



Motifs said...

What a beautiful dedication...Simran is worth it...a wonderful person,a sweetheart.

JANU said...


Simran said...

Thank you so much Hema di :)
I'm so happy to this this surprise...
You made my day... and thank you for praising me and my granny..It's all your love that encourages me to pen down...

Mohinee said...

Great, beautiful and lovely ......sweet.....:)

How u find my blog??

लिखिए अपनी भाषा में

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