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Friday, February 17, 2012

Those Wonder years

Remembering Those Wonder Years
When we never need a reason for Cheers

Brother used to hide his pain and tears
Sister had her own soft pink teddy bears

We love the Sky full of twinkling stars
Wondered too far yet sparkle for hours

We enjoyed the every drop of drizzling or heavy rain
Wondered how clouds hold so many buckets of water to drain

We usually saw mother working at home
Wondered what dad do daily in his office dome

We used to take money and shop things from market
Wondered from where dad got so much money in his pocket

Without analyzing futuristic aspects further
We just want to be like our mother and father

Remembering Those Years of Puberty
We never wanted to missed any Liberty

Curiosity to know more what sex is all about
Wondered from where babies are came out

So many mysteries to be solved about ourselves
Wondered why we admired our teacher's bookshelves

Now we know things better though no such fun
No Wonders those Wonder years wouldn't return

But still we have memories of those
Glad we had that journey on our toes

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