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Monday, June 27, 2011


While entering the exhibition I was not expecting too much
But after glancing few paintings I stopped by a Canvas as such
Canvas was oil painted with many bright and complementary colors
I want to look more precisely strong strokes and concept of dark colors

Though all other paintings are also more than good enough totally
I don't know why but I found myself mesmerized by that one only
There was a woman in pain laying barely naked giving birth to baby
Her new baby was laying downside her messy, bloody and crying loudly

For A while I was not take it as serious it should be taken by me
As soon I noticed woman was not in her conscious or dead may be
My heart is so poured with pain and sadness for that time I was numb
She must only live for this memorable moment when she know her womb 

On one side of canvas another woman with torn clothes and fearful eyes
The black kajal was running with her tears and pain I noticed all her mess
There was also a Man standing near her with big, scary and alcoholic eyes
He was much older to her but his friendly hand beside her tell the Closeness

"Pain for A Life" by Unknown Painter is entitled below that painting
Is this Title is for the left side or for the right side of the painting?
All I get was that giving birth is more like Pain for a new baby life
But getting used by loved ones is more like filling Pain for whole life

I really like the Painter Idea of Pain after loosing life and glory
He indeed surprise me with his embed great message and story
I looked few more paintings but it still in my mind and still in its mesmerism
While leaving the exhibition I was like "Wow!! What a Impressionism"
(This Poem is Dedicated to Alejandro Guzman Who gave me the Title and the Idea as an inspiration to Write this Poem)


Alejandro said...

Brilliant! And thanks too

You are very good at what you do so don't stop.


Hema Nimbekar said...

Thank you for the Idea and title of the poem...
I know the true definition of Impressionism is

but according to me Impressionism is a painting with strong message and impression on viewer which really make its viewer to take a thought...
its like you really paint the scene on his mind with short but strong stroke of emotions(colors) and thoughts(brushes)...

Any way Thank you dear..

JIM said...

If the painter made you stop and think then I bet he would feel his painting was a success

Well done!!! Nicely written!!!

Motifs said...

Loved it,Hema...I notice a different style in your writing now..its foe the better,a more mature way of writing..keep it u Hema.

melissa said...

I loved it Hema... but impressionism is also used to for music and literary works. As you have described your sensory perception of things... your post is very subjective and you have captured what it is all about in words...

Loved it Hema... so I wish you have more dry spells because they act as a springboard to better writing...

Very impressive ;)...special thanks to A too :)

fantacy in practicality said...

its the pain that has marked the impression, its your thought that impressed my impression. a painting so meaningful, your story has a message to life, joy of birth with pain of death dance side by side. good write up. hope to read more.

Hema Nimbekar said...

Thank you for stopping by...

Hema Nimbekar said...

Thank you Alpana di...yeah maturity comes with Experience and experience comes with time....

betterment or positive change/progression is the nature of time and life...

Oo look now i m talking like a philosopher here..heheehehe..

but seriously its all because of all of you influential/inspirational and wise persons...a person surrounded by wise men also become wise himself..

Hema Nimbekar said...


Thank you dear...I hope this dry spell will continue in the future too..

Hema Nimbekar said...

@fantacy in practicality

Thanks you dear....yeah death and birth dance side by side but more painful is the sadness, shamefulness, cheated feeling and hated yourself for the bad(sexual harassment) work of your own trusty people around you...and you blamed yourself for that curse for whole are victim but still you suffer lots of pain forever/throughout your life ahead..

so this is more painful...

Rimly said...

That was some writing from the heart. I could just imagine that painting. beautiful Hema.

Hema Nimbekar said...


Thank you Dear....I am glad you are able to imagine that painting through the poem.....I hope it was an impressionism for you too...

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